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Feb 14. 2021 | 7 PM EST

What is MasquerAIDS?

To watch MasquerAIDS:

MasquerAIDS (MAIDS) is an annual benefit cabaret to raise money for the AIDS Resource Center of Centre County. The organization raises money and awareness in the fight against AIDS. We have proudly held this benefit cabaret since the spring of 2002, and we are proud to take part in an important discussion that branches our university and organization into the State College community.

Visit our Facebook Page or Instagram account at 7 PM EST on February 14, 2021. We will be live streaming the show on both platforms. There is no admission fee, but we encourage any viewers to donate to MasquerAIDS! All donations go directly to the AIDS Resource Center of Centre County to provide free testing, treatment, and support to individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. We appreciate any form of support, and we thank you for your generosity! 


MAIDS 2021: Love is Love. The journey to this night was a very interesting adventure. First of all, We had no idea what this show was going to turn out to be like. We were just two naïve sophomores in quarantine when we both got the phone call that we would have to create a massive production that encompasses hope and love. On top of this challenging task, we would have to create a fully online production that still dazzled the community of State College, PA. The first step was the theme. When deciding on a theme for MAIDS 2021, we wanted something that encompasses wellness and positive energy. This past year has not easy on anyone, and we wanted our theme to reflect the fact that someone is always in your corner, whether it be a friend, a family member, or a partner. Being on Valentine's Day, MAIDS 2021 exemplifies the importance of love and companionship even during the hardest of times. Our song choices further highlight the fact that love always prevails. As all shows go, this one was definitely a challenge this year with everything being virtual but we are incredibly honored and lucky to have such an amazing cast and crew. Through their generosity, dedication, and talent, this show has come alive right before our eyes. We are beyond excited for you to experience our first virtual MasquerAIDS.

The next step was assembling our wonderful production staff. To our director Lizzy: directing an entirely online production with a cast of 50+ people, during a global pandemic, is no small task. Rising and conquering a challenge like this is unbelievable and a feat you should be more than proud of. Thank you for all your hard work, leadership, and determination. You are simply the best and we cannot wait to see all of the fantastic things you continue to accomplish every day.  To our amazing vocal director Kelly M: thank you for taking time out of your day to teach our cast intricate harmonies, beautiful melodies, and promote a positive and welcoming environment where people can express themselves through song. You continue to impress us each day with your ability to effectively communicate with cast and crew through platforms such as zoom and other online resources. To our lovely choreographer Noel: as a freshman who had never done MasquerAIDS before, we tasked you to create three unique numbers that dazzled the audience and were fun for both the audience and the cast. You did everything amazingly and we were so proud to watch you grow as a person and as a choreographer. Thank you for making dreams come true and creating a fun environment for everyone involved. To our EPIC technical director Kate, you are truly the mastermind behind this whole show. You took each twist and turn and turned it into something fun and interactive that audiences everywhere could enjoy. With your amazing talent and masterful editing skills, you have truly created a beautiful online cabaret. To our awesome music director Chloe: thank you for mixing and editing the entire audio piece of MAIDS 2021. This was a massive endeavor to conquer and you faced the challenge every single day with a smile on your face and a positive attitude. MAIDS 2021 would not have been possible without all of your hard work and dedication. Thank you. To our wonderful stage manager Eliza: Though you are definitely not a Schuyler sister, you are still amazing and were a huge part of the success of this production. Thank you for spending an unbelievable amount of time to ensure that everyone could attend rehearsals and the production staff remained organized throughout this intricate process. We are so thankful for your persistence and organization. We are excited to see you continue your Thespians career and see all the wonderful things you do at State. And last but not least our wonderful assistant producer - Kelly B, you have truly been there for us when we needed you most. You continue to inspire and motivate us to do our very best and we cannot wait to see what amazing challenge you conquer next. To our dedicated and diligent assistant production staff, thank you for all of your hard work and time that you put into this show. We are so proud of everything you all have accomplished. Finally, thank you to our stunning cast of MAIDS 2021: Love is Love, your dedication, talent, and continued love for this amazing cause has been exemplified through your performances tonight. 


We would also like to extend a special thanks to the wonderful organization for which we are all here today. The Centre County AIDS Resource Center has continued to provide guidance and services to the State College Community for many years. Thank you so much for your dedication and support to everyone affected with HIV/AIDS. A special thanks to Erik and the whole team at the Resource Center. 


To everyone here tonight, sit back and enjoy the show, and Happy Valentines Day! 


-Your friends in Thespis 

Andrew Lapiere and Alison Shifflett

prod note

setlist + Cast

Act I 

I Want to Hold Your Hand | Across the Universe

 Olivia Blackmore*

Wanna Be | Spice Girls 

Peyton Thiem | Abby Miller | Maddie Phillips  

Emily Stedina* | Jaimee Cabili

If I Could Tell Her | Dear Evan Hansen

 Evan: Shayna Cuiffitelli | Zoe: Madison Apple

Billie Jean | Michael Jackson

 Nicki Bolan* | Maggie Dennis* | Abby Miller | Alex Ferry

Dance with You | The Prom

Emma: Jessica Raskauskas* | Alyssa: Marley Bradner* 

You’ll Be Back | Hamilton

Jack Hemhauser*

Kiss the Girl | The Little Mermaid

Olivia Black | Chris Boyd | Alex Ferry 

Tori Gamel | Arushi Grover | Jacob Malizio  

Maddie Philips | Sabrina Wang | Hannah Winter

I Don’t Know How to Love Him | Jesus Christ Superstar

Madison Apple | Peyton Thiem | Maddie Phillips 



Act II


Love Story | Taylor Swift

Evan Cuccaro* | Jack Hemhauser* | Isaac Manfull* | Patrick McCall*

Suddenly Seymour | Little Shop of Horrors 

Seymour: David Donohue* | Audrey: Alex Pack*

History of Wrong Guys | Kinky Boots

 Lindsey Sabo*

What I Did For Love | A Chorus Line

Zack Durnack*

Worldwide | Big Time Rush

Kendall: Nick Borgacci* | James: Andrew Lapeire* | Logan: John Hegeman* 

Carlos: Eli King* | Jo: Ava Pennington*

Right Hand Man | Something Rotten

Bea: Anna Garman* | Nick: Isaac Manfull* | Nigel: Jacob Malizio

Unlikely Lovers | Falsettos

Marvin: Sean Terrey* | Whizzer: Connor DiBella* 

Charlotte: Natalie Ondrey* | Cordelia: Bridget Hartshorne*

Seasons of Love | RENT

Olivia Blackmore* | Nicki Bolan* | Evan Cuccaro* | Maggie Dennis* | Marianna Glacken* | Eli King* 

Jackie Krevis* | Natalie Ondrey* | Alex Pack* | Brooke Schindelheim* | Grace Southern*

*denotes member

Prod Staff

Production Staff


Lizzy Scipione - Director .jpeg

Lizzy Scipione

Assistant Director

Matt Setzer - Assistant Director .jpg

Matt Setzer


Andrew Lapeire - Producer .jpeg
Alison Shifflett - Producer.PNG

Andrew Lapeire & Alison Schifflett 

Assistant Producer


Kelly Bench

Stage Manager

Eliza Nicewonger - SM.jpeg

Eliza Nicewonger

Assistant Stage Managers

Katie BeanFox - assistant sm .jpg
Emily Smith - Assistant SM .jpeg

Katie Beane-Fox & Emily Smith


Noel Guidetti - Choreo.jpeg

Noël Guiditti

Assistant Choreographer

Caroline Leonard - Assistant Choreo.jpeg

Caroline Leonard

Vocal Director

Kelly McGarrey - Vocal Director .JPG

Kelly McGarrey

Assistant Vocal Director

Sarah Franz - Assistant Vocals .jpg

Sarah Franz

Technical Director

Kate Johansen- TD .jpg

Kate Johansen

Assistant Technical Directors

Travis Gaskill - Assistant TD .jpg
Screenshot 2021-02-06 at 20.42.27.png

Travis Gaskill & Marley Kohan

music Director

Chloe Braden - Music Director .jpeg

Chloe Braden

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